JDorama review: Binbo Danshi

Title: Binbo Danshi Broadcast dates: 1/15/08 - 3/11/08 Number of episodes: 9 Genre: Comedy Cast: Oguri Shun, Yamada Yu, Yashima Norito, Yusuke Santamaria Plot: Koyama Kazumi (Shun), a cheerful college student, has found himself in debt. Soon, he finds out that his newfound friends are also deeply in debt. Despite everyone's pessimism, Kazumi works hard to get out of debt and inspire those around him. What is good: Oguri Shun can be more than a brooding boy! What is bad: Sometimes the optimism is a little too over the top. Letter rating: A Overall: I have been dying to see Shun get out of the quiet yet handsome roles that he's been in a lot. Not only does he accomplish that here, but the show is also really good! I was a little disappointed that Yamada Yu didn't sing the theme song. BENNIE K did a good job though. Otherwise, this is a great show that everyone should watch.