Favorite Friday

After I got home yesterday, I figured out that it was not exhaustion that had me. It was a migraine. Sometimes my migraines start out feeling like I haven't slept enough. Then something triggers the release and *bam* full blown migraine. It sucks a lot. But I am better now. Time to get back to my jobs. I guess that means I need to figure out a Favorite Friday, huh? What the heck. I wasn't going to post this but...well...I changed my mind. Here is Katy Perry's non-appearance on Sesame Street. It was recorded and released on YouTube. Parents were upset over Perry's clothing and the clip was pulled from the show and the YouTube channel. I think it's cute. I haven't heard of any of the Sesame Street staff complaining about her clothes. It's not like it was just her and Elmo on-set. I just don't understand people sometimes.