One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Carol from Intrice. She reviews beauty items and is so super cute. Thank you, Carol! Everyone else, go read her stuff. She is awesome.

So. There are rules to this here thing:

The Rules: 
- Take time to thank the person who nominated you and use the award logo in your own post.
- List 7 facts about yourself.
- Nominate 7 other awesome bloggers you would like to get to know better.
- Follow the person who nominated you.

Seven Facts About Myself: 

  1. My very small house is very full. The house itself is over 100 years old. The occupants include myself, my husband, and my daughter. But then there are three dogs, two chinchillas, a cat, a bird, and a gajillion fish. Sometimes it feels like we don't even have room to move
  2. I love Japanese culture. I watch anime, I listen to J-Pop, I watch Japanese dramas, I eat Japanese snacks...the list goes on. I'm not nearly as rabid about the fandom as I used to be but I still do those things occasionally. 
  3. I doubled majored in Theater Arts and Visual Communications in college. Because I am insane, I also threw in a music minor. 
  4. I hate the winter. I dislike the cold very much. I prefer the summer. 
  5. I drive a light blue Honda Fit Sport and I love it!
  6. I have been blogging on various platforms since 2002.
  7. I get bored easily. As a result, I have a lot of hobbies.

My Nominees: 

  1. Coriander at In The Spice Rack
  2. Lynn at Savory Tart
  3. Rachel at This Teacher Wears Makeup
  4. Celise at Geek's Path 2 Beauty
  5. Deana at Tesori Belle
  6. Jessica at Sassy Gal Reads
  7. Shannon at Canongirl

I can't wait to hear more about everyone!