PA Renaissance Faire - Giacomo The Jester

Unfortunately, another one of our favorite acts was not at the Faire this year. That would be Giacomo the Jester. Sadly, I don't have very good pictures of him either. I just have this one and you can't even see his face. 

Giacomo usually has a few shows at the Faire. However, we have only seen two. The first is simply titled "Giacomo The Jester" and the second is the "Oops! Comedy Knife Throwing Show." I haven't seen his self-titled show in about two years so my memory of it is a little hazy. I just remember laughing a lot. 

However, it's the "Oops! Comedy Knife Throwing Show" that you need to see. (By the way, that is 'knife' pronounced ka-nife.) Giacomo and a partner (my favorite is Paolo Garbanzo) do a fairly typical knife throwing act with a ton of comedy. There is even a little bit of magic in the act.

While the guys usually get a little fresh with the women in the audience, this is definitely a show you should check out. I hope that he will return to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire next year. His presence was definitely missed this time around!