Secret Outlast

No one wants to be stinky, right? That is why deodorant was invented. However, most people stick to one certain brand and almost never try anything else. I know that is true for me, at least. I use the Secret Scent Expressions (on the right in the picture) clear gel. It's lavender. I like lavender. But I did jump at the chance to give Outlast a try. Maybe I would find a whole new world of deodorants.

For the most part, Outlast and Scent Expressions are the same. They are both clear gels, meaning you aren't getting that white powdery residue all over your clothes. And they both keep you dry and unstinky throughout the day. The big difference is just their scent. As I already said, I use Scent Expressions in lavender, but the Outlast is in Completely Clean. I think I was expecting something along the lines of baby powder or that "clean laundry" scent you can get in fabric softener sheets. Instead, it smells a lot like alcohol to me. Thankfully, that smell doesn't stick around once you put it on. I would hate to walk around smelling like rubbing alcohol. 

Even though this particular "flavor" of deodorant isn't my favorite, I will still use my Secret Scent Expressions. I am quite satisfied with the odor protection but I like the fact that it keeps my clothes looking nice even better. 

What is your favorite deodorant? Maybe that will be my new favorite too! 



Disclaimer: I received this product for free from BzzAgent. All opinions contained within are mine and mine alone.