Guilty Pleasures

Sadly, I do not have a new YouTube video for you today. I had some other commitments and I just ran out of time. On the good side of things, I hit 100 followers over on Instagram this morning! Yay! Just to round out the linkage, here are the other places you can find me: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr

Today's prompt is Guilty Pleasures. Most of my guilty pleasures are TV shows. They are so bad but I can't stop watching them...

  1. Cheaters - My husband and I watch this together. We both like Clark Gable better than creepy Joey Greco. Definitely a guilty pleasure
  2. Supernatural - This is one of those shows that isn't OMG!AWESOME but it isn't terrible either. My favorite character is Castiel and I have a fondness for Misha Collins' off-screen antics. 
  3. The Dark Parables game series - Dark Parables is a series of hidden object video games that all revolve around fairy tales. Usually the fairy tale characters have gone wrong and you need to save them. Both my daughter and I love playing them.
  4. World's Dumbest... - Yeah, it's that show on the Spike channel or whatever that has the washed up celebrities commenting on videos. It's kinda funny sometimes.

These are the guilty pleasures that I actively watch on a regular basis. Any other guilty pleasures are shows that I only turn on when nothing else is on. I don't think those count. There is just so much bad TV out there!