Podcasts I Love

Since I have a one-hour commute each way to work, I use that time to listen to podcasts. Generally, I listen to them on my way to work because morning radio is terrible. The radio isn't so bad in the afternoon or evening. I only have six podcasts that I am currently flipping between. Please feel free to suggest some new ones!

  1. Ear Biscuits - Rhett & Link have a morning show on YouTube that is really funny. They also create hysterical songs. In 2013, they started their podcast. They basically interview other YouTubers to find out how they got their start. Ear Biscuits is what inspired me to start my own YouTube channel.
  2. WTF With Marc Maron - I came upon this one quite accidentally. I think he was on another podcast or something and he sounded very thoughtful so I decided to check out his podcast. He has some amazing conversations with some awesome people.
  3. girl on guy - I have a bit of a girl crush on Aisha Tyler. She is funny and gorgeous and nerdy and all those things I wish I was. Girl on guy is basically Aisha geeking out with people. I like it.
  4. Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig - I'm not a huge fan of Grace on YouTube. I do subscribe to her channel but I rarely watch any of the videos. Not Too Deep is a podcast/YouTube hybrid. She has silly conversations with YouTubers on the podcast then she makes them do some sort of goofy challenge on her YouTube channel. I like the challenges better than the conversation.
  5. Bizarre States - My husband is a Jessica Chobot fan. As a result, I watch a lot of Nerdist News. I don't even know what made me check this out but it is all about ghosts and aliens and supernatural things. Even if you don't believe in this stuff, it is interesting to hear what other people think about it. 
  6. The Nerdist - This is another one that I got dragged into somehow. I think Chris Hardwick was talking to someone I like and I wanted to hear that conversation. I don't listen to every single Nerdist podcast. I only tune in when the guest is someone I am interested in. 

And that is it. Those six are currently the only podcasts I am flipping through. Let me know if you have any podcasts you'd recommend. I have a lot of drive time and not a lot to listen to.

This also ends the 30 Days of Lists. I hope you enjoyed the lists and I hope they made you think about a few things yourself. Now it is time to actually welcome October and the inevitable oncoming of fall. Come back summer!