One Direction Makeup Palette

In addition to the One Direction Makeup Kits, the boys have also come out with a set of makeup palettes. Each of the five tins contains 6 eye shadows, 4 lip glosses, 2 nail polishes, an eye pencil, and a lip top coat. You can find these tins at KMart, Sears USA, Target, and Walmart Canada. 

While there are five different tins, each of them has the same exact makeup on the inside. I received two "Louis" palettes and one "Liam." It was a little disappointing to find out that the makeup for both sets were exactly the same. Unless you are a major 1D fan, there is no incentive to buy every set. 

The six eye shadows are: "I Would," "Nobody Compares," "Summer Love," "Tell Me A Lie," "Everything About You," and "Same Mistakes." Starting at the top, "I Would" is listed as a smoky brown shimmer shadow. However, when swatched, it looks more like a dark grey than a brown. There is some shimmer there, making this an ideal color for a smoky eye. "Nothing Compares" is a metallic silver color. There is a little bit of shimmer to it, though I'm not sure how many people really wear silver eye shadow. "Summer Love" is listed as a smoky purple haze color. This particular shadow isn't very pigmented, leaving it looking more like a bruise than an eyeshadow. "Tell Me A Lie" is supposed to be a metallic nude pink color. I guess that is one way to describe it. When I swatched it, it was very difficult to see any color. There was definitely some shimmer but not much else. "Everything About You" is a smoky black shimmer shade. Unfortunately, it doesn't look all that different from "I Would." Finally, "Same Mistakes" is a mint green shimmer shadow. This is my favorite of the six. The color is nice and light with just the right about of shimmer to it. The rest of the colors are really dark. When I swatched them all together, it looked like I was in a fight and bruised the back of my hand. Considering the age demographic of One Direction fans, these colors are way too dark for them. They should have stayed with lighter colors in order to brighten up young girls' faces. 

Onto the lip gloss! The four shades are titled "Loved You First," "One Thing," "Irresistable," and "Heart Attack." (Yes, they misspelled 'irresistible.') "Loved You First" is a bright pink color, even though they call it bubblegum pink. The misspelled "Irresistable" is still pink but not as bright as the previous version.  "One Thing" is a very light pink shade. They call this one pink ice. The last gloss, "Heart Attack," is more of a nude color. All of these glosses require a ton of product in order to show any color. While all of them are very smooth and nice to apply, I'm not sure they have any lasting power. These are much more disappointing compared to the eye shadows.

The last pieces in the set are two nail polishes, an eye liner, and a lip top coat. "Stole My Heart" and "Alive" are the names of the two polishes. "Heart" is a pinkish red glitter, while "Alive" is a multi-color glitter. These aren't my favorite nail polishes but they aren't completely awful. The eye liner is called "I Want" and it is a very nice black liner. Despite being a pencil, it goes on very smoothly. "Over Again" is the name of the lip top coat. It is a sheer glitter gloss that adds no color, just glitter. 

As a whole, this makeup kit wasn't terrible. A lot of the colors are way too dark for the teenage girl target audience. I would have loved to see each One Direction member have their own makeup kit. That way each fan could not only "buy" their favorite band member, they could also choose what colors they liked the best. This seemed like a very cheap way to force girls to buy makeup that isn't particularly suited for them. 

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, all opinions contained within are solely my own.