Ah, Summer

August has begun. This is when I start to get into the "Summer Funk." All I want to do is lay on a beach in the warm sun, enjoying the warm awesomeness of the summer. Instead, I am stuck in a dreary office with no windows. It is probably the worst possible way to spend the summer. Being an adult sucks.

However, I am taking a vacation this year! I don't usually take a week-long vacation because my family rarely goes anywhere. (Not by choice, mind you.) We aren't going away this year but we are doing a bunch of things in the area that we have been wanting to hit.

1. Camelbeach

Camelbeach is a pretty awesome waterpark that we try to go to every year. My daughter, who isn't big on amusement parks, loves this place. The best part is that they have specials on 4-packs of tickets. Since there are only three of us in the family, my daughter gets to bring one of her friends. After all, hanging out with your parents is laaaame.


2. Da Vinci Science Center

The Da Vinci Science Center is a sort-of hands-on museum type thing. It is aimed at getting kids interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs. While my daughter isn't a huge science nut, she is involved in her school's branch of the Technology Student Association so things like this help her both in the classroom and in clubs. And it's fun!


3. Lehigh Valley Zoo

Since we live in the Philadelphia area, we have been to the Philadelphia Zoo many times. However, we have never been to the Lehigh Valley Zoo, which isn't particularly far from our house. Everyone in my family loves animals (heck, my sister is getting married at a local zoo in September!) so it should be a great trip.


These are the main pieces of our vacation. (No, I'm not going to say "staycation." That is a terrible word.) We will probably find a couple of other places to visit and maybe we'll even spend a day relaxing by the pool. I really do love summer. Now if only I could get rid of the desk job....