The Queen of the She-Zombies

Warning: This book is for mature audiences only.

When I began reading The Queen of the She-Zombies, I found it difficult to get into. My husband is a huge fan of zombie movies so I have been exposed to a variety of types of zombies. Never before have I seen only-female-sex-zombies. I decided to put my disbelief aside and see where the story went.

The book mostly takes place around the city of Dorvenden. The city has been decimated by she-zombies., who suck the life energy from men through sex. These she-zombies have a sort of hive relationship with their Queen. If the Queen dies, so do the rest of the undead. Red Blade, a young Paladin, has arrived in town to kill the Queen. As the Holy Warrior heads out on his quest, he comes upon a female assassin named Vianca, who also plans to kill the Queen. The story follows their dangerous path into the Queen's lair.

As a whole, I actually enjoyed the book. The characters are fairly well written and, despite the craziness of the plot, the events did follow the natural laws of their world. (Meaning, someone didn't magically get super strong because PLOT and the characters didn't do things outside of their particular abilities.) This alone gets a big thumbs up from me. While I don't usually read erotic books, I do have to admit that I would read more of this series. I am interested to see if the writer, Raol Mavin, will bring more life to Red and Vi or if they are going to remain stagnant. I really hope they become more lively and interesting.

So, in the end, I do recommend the book but only if you are of age and into reading some hardcore erotica.