Things I Do That I Wish Made Me Money

This one is kinda hysterical. Mostly because I have done a lot of things in the hopes that it would make me money but it hasn't come through the way I hoped. So far, at least. I guess I will list all of those things now:

1. My jewelry store - I do have a little more success when I go to craft shows but I only do those craft shows in the winter and spring months. The summer and fall are way too busy family-wise for me to dedicate the time to spending weekends at craft shows. So, alas, it makes a little money but not nearly enough to really support itself.

2. My YouTube Channel - I've only been uploading videos since May so I'm not exactly expecting an immediate windfall that will let me quit my current full-time job. However, it would be nice if something would finally trickle in.

3. This blog - I have been writing this blog in various formats since about 2005. It started on Vox, back when that was a thing. Then, in 2007, it changed to, where it lived on a server box in my living room. Around 2010, it moved to a GoDaddy server, where it lived until recently. The blog went through a massive change this year. The URL changed to, in order to reflect more of my personality and not tie myself to just geeky things, and the site moved to Squarespace, which has been amazing and I love it. In all of that time, I have had some paid posting...mostly posts where they gave me keywords and links to use...but, once again, I haven't made enough money to really offset the costs of hosting the blog and all that. I really do this because I love it. I am OK with that, though it would be nice to make a little bit of money from all this work.

Oh, it would also be nice if I could make money driving my daughter around to all of her activities. Only because I do it A LOT.