Meal Planning For This Week

Wait, what? I don't cook the meals in our house and I definitely do not plan them. So I can't even really do this prompt.

They want a food topic, fine. I will talk about lunches then because I sort of plan those.

My daughter's lunches for school are pretty much always the same. A peanut butter sandwich with baby carrots (this week, at least), a Fiber One brownie, and juice. Sometimes, instead of the baby carrots, she gets a sliced apple or a handful of grapes but it always a fruit or vegetable. The rest is basically the same every day.

My lunch is a little more varied because I usually go out. Since my schedule is changing this week, things will be different. However, I always go to Saladworks at least once a week and get a chicken caesar salad. Then I usually fill in the rest of the week with Wawa hoagies, McDonald's, or Wendy's, depending on what errands I have to run that day. Today, though, I will be hitting the local grocery store to pick up some items for the lunches I will need to eat at my desk.

Yes, I know my lunch could be healthier. I am working on that. We will see where this week takes us.