Rules For Traveling With Me

I don't think I have all that many rules for traveling with me. I'm mostly a laid-back type of person. But there are a few things that need saying:

1. Please don't roll down one window in the car. Especially if we are on a highway of some sort. the resonating air makes me queasy.

2. Please don't blast the air conditioner. I get cold very easily. I understand that I am, generally, colder than the rest of the population so I don't mind when people have the A/C on. But when it on full blast and I have icicles forming on the end of my nose, it tends to be a problem.

3. Have fun! The best part of traveling is the massive amounts of fun. Be silly, eat a lot of sugar, drink a ton of caffeine. Just relax!

I'll fully admit that I don't get to travel as much as I would like. However, these same rules apply when taking a nice day trip in the car. Trips are for having fun so don't take it too seriously. Enjoy it!