Lost in the Tsunami

I recently finished Lost in the Tsunami by Dorit Silverman. It is the story of an Israeli mother, Anna, trying to find her daughter, Ronny in India. 

We begin with Anna's inability to get a hold of her daughter. None of Ronny's friends have heard from her in a few days and Anna fears the worst. She begins to search for the young woman in the city of Tel Aviv. Eventually, she finds that Ronny has traveled to India. Anna goes to India and finds much more than she was expecting.

First, I would like to say that I did find the plot of the book interesting. As a mother, I can understand the panic that floods your body when you think you have lost your child. With that in mind, I do think that Anna was a little insane about the whole thing. She spent a lot of time screaming at people, which is never helpful. (I'm pretty sure the author wanted something more along the lines of "shouting" or "firmly stating" but "screaming" is what is in the text.) She was also very manipulative, which seemed against her character. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the character but it seemed like she was all over the place.

I would also like to point out that there are a ton of spelling and grammar errors in the book. This makes is extremely difficult for me to recommend it to others. They are all words and phrases that would pass a spell check (for example, a pineapple is pealed instead of peeled) so it is painfully obvious that the book didn't have a professional editor read through it. I almost gave up on the book as a result of the errors but I did plow through to the end. 

Finally, the title of the book is Lost in the Tsunami, but the 2004 Indian tsunami is barely a blip in the plot. There are 23 chapters and the tsunami doesn't take place until chapter 18. The majority of the book takes place in Israel. Anna and her guide don't even travel to India until chapter 15. I find it rather fake to title a book after a world-shaking event when it barely has anything to do with the actual story. 

While I did like Anna's story, there are way too many problems and inconsistencies to give it a whole-hearted recommendation. If, like me, spelling and grammatical errors grate on your nerves, stay away. However, if you can push through the errors, there is a fairly good story to be found. I have warned you, the rest is on your shoulders.

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