Accomplishments I Am Most Proud Of

This will probably be one of the weirder prompts but here goes:

While it is not actually MY accomplishment, I am super proud of my daughter. I know this will sound like one of those moms who over-exaggerates how awesome their kid is. Not only is my daughter super well-behaved (she knows there are consequences if she does not), she is also very active in a lot of extra-curricular groups and manages to get all As and Bs in her classes, some of which are honors classes. I am very proud of everything she accomplishes. And they are HER accomplishments.

I don't know that I have any accomplishments, myself, that I am particularly proud of. I guess I'm pretty proud that this blog is still going after 7 years. Yes, it has changed over time but I never gave up on it.

Yeah, I guess that is about it. Now this prompt has made me a little depressed. As if I haven't actually done anything with my life. This was a terrible writing prompt!