Projects to finish this month

I almost always have a ton of half-finished projects waiting for me to finish them. Sometimes it is because I have lost interest but sometimes it is simply an issue of time. This list will consist of everything I have to finish, even though I may not have the time to finish all of them.

1. Chalkboards - My sister wants me to make some chalkboards for her wedding. I haven't been able to find the appropriate shapes that she wants (arrows) so I have to do a little more searching. If I can find the materials, I can definitely finish this in time.

2. Jewelry - I sell children's jewelry at craft shows. My fall shows start in October. While I have a decent amount of jewelry already made, I have a few more pieces I'd like to finish before my first show of the season.

3. Craft/Taping Room - I tape my YouTube videos in my crafting room. Like most of my house, there aren't any decorations on the walls. I'd like to get a couple pieces of artwork or something to hang on the wall behind me. The bareness in the videos kinda annoys me.

4. Writing - I always have writing projects on the back burner. I definitely need to work on some of those.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with tons of stuff waiting for me!