The Darkest Tool

I recently finished reading The Darkest Tool by Gerald Barnes. While this isn't normally the type of book I would read, I was immediately captivated by the writing. The book tells the story of Jonathan Night, a young man who has been thrust into the middle of the battle between angels and demons, God and Lucifer. For everything that seems to go well in his life, there is always some darkness following closely behind. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if these occurrences are a result of his own choices or if someone is making him do things he wouldn't otherwise do.

Despite thoroughly enjoying the book, there are a few down sides. There are quite a few spelling errors. (For example, 'barley' instead of 'barely.') Also, there are a few confusingly slow parts in the last third of the book. However, neither of these are terrible enough to ruin the book as a whole. (And I think you all know what a stickler I am for spelling.) If you are willing to look past the book's flaws, I think you, too, will find a great story with interesting characters.  

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