Ain't Nobody Got Time For

Grammar, apparently. I get that this is a meme but, seriously, do we have to keep it going? Ah well. Here goes:

1. Thinking you are "too old" to do something. I am, like, a billion in internet years. Yet here I am starting new things and trying things out. I may be "old" but I'm not dead.

2. Being too serious. Have fun! Who cares if someone is looking at you? I bet they are wishing they had the guys to just do whatever.

3. Caring what strangers think. Your close friends and loved ones love you for who you are. Why care about what some stranger on the street thinks of you? Their opinion really doesn't matter all that much.

4. Hating on other people. This kinda goes along with number 3, except on the other side. Don't be the person that hates so-and-so because they are this or that. What does it matter to YOU if they are gay? What does it matter if they have pink hair? It literally has zero effect on your life. Focus your energy on something positive for a change.

Basically - be awesome to each other. It isn't that difficult. Really.