Spencer James "Don't Shake A Baby"

Spencer James was the winner of the 2014 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and the Best of the Fest at the 2014 Burbank Comedy Festival. With these sorts of accolades, he has to be pretty darn funny, right? I recently got the opportunity to check out his recent comedy CD, "Don't Shake A Baby."

Growing up, I loved comedy albums. (Of course, I'm so old that these were actual records and not digital downloads.) As I got older, however, comedy albums got pushed aside for bubblegum pop. But I never lost my love of comedy. 

"Don't Shake A Baby" is a decent comedy album. There are some very funny jokes in there. My one complaint is that there are a few times when James makes visual references that we, obviously cannot see. I understand that this is basically just a recording of one of his live shows so there will always be a few things that the audio-only audience won't get. These moments should be kept to a minimum though. Otherwise, this is a very solid comedy album. It makes me want to see James perform live, which is what a good comedy album should do. It should make you want to run out and see the live show. I look forward to seeing James' comedy career explode into the mainstream.

I received a copy of this album for free. All opinions contained within are solely my own.