Waves of Love

Waves of Love is a slightly different type of romance novel. Thirty-two year old Sage owns a bookstore/cafe in a small beachside community in Florida. Little did she know how drastically her life would change when surfer/writer Derek Chambers showed up in her shop looking to promote his newest book. Will they be able to overcome their age difference or will they be destined to float through life alone?

I don't usually read romance novels. This novel, however, was very different from any other romance novel I have ever read. Not only were the chapters really short, most of the story revolves around the budding relationship between the main characters and not just their sex life. It was also extremely easy to read. I could have finished it in a few hours, if real life didn't get in the way. 

Admittedly, I enjoyed Waves of Love far more than I expected to. I was actually a little disappointed that the book ended. Since this seems to be the first of a series, I may need to pick up the next book to see where their romance goes. 

I received a copy of this book for free. All opinions contained within are solely my own.