The end of a long era but the beginning of a new one

It has been about six months since I last wrote anything here. A lot has gone on in that time. However, the one occurrence that most affects this site is my stepping down from my writing position at BubbleBlabber. 

In case you are not aware, for the past three years, I have been writing reviews of various cartoons on the BubbleBlabber website. As of Wednesday, April 12, I am no longer writing for them. 

This doesn't mean a whole lot to most of you. But it does mean that I will have more time and energy to dedicate to both my blog and my YouTube channel. I have yet to decide what I actually want to write here. Most of my experience lies in writing reviews but I also like doling out information, like why the minimum wages needs to be raised or ways to pay for college. Maybe I can figure out some way to balance both. 

My goal is to get back to a regular blogging schedule by May 1. I hope you will stop back then to see the cool new content.