How To: Glitter Lips

I'm sure many of you have seen the infamous glitter lipstick pictures floating around. Those gorgeous lipsticks generally cost about $20 a tube. YIKES! Well, I'm here to tell you that there is a cheaper way to do it!

As I have noted before, my daughter is a dancer. Her tap class competes in a local dance competition. This year, the instructors decided that the girls would have glitter lips. I showed them how to accomplish this without having to spend a ton of money.

First, get your base lipstick. Whatever color you want. The tap class wanted red glitter lips so their base was a bright red lipstick. Any brand will do. 

Second, get some body/face glitter and primer. We used red face & body glitter from NYX Cosmetics along with the NYX glitter primer. Using either your finger or a brush (I prefer a angled eye shadow brush, personally), spread a little bit of the primer on top of the lipstick. Be careful. This is basically a type of glue. And you only need a little! 

Once the primer has been applied, use your finger or a brush (again, I prefer a brush) to lightly tap the chosen glitter onto the lips. You can apply a lot of glitter or just a little, it's up to you! 

Let the primer dry fully and voilà! Glitter lips! Make sure that you don't lick your lips while the glitter is applied. It will come off and it will taste awful. (And then you will have glitter poop...) 

You can mix and match your base lipstick color with a glitter color. Try some purple lipstick with a little pink glitter in the center of your lips for a shiny ombre look. Or try some blue lipstick with silver glitter for a more metallic type of look. It's all up to your imagination! 

Now that you have the tools, go forth and glitter the world!