February Favorite #3: DC Bombshells


DC Bombshells is a line of DC figurines and comics that give the female DC characters a 1940s-era look. While I haven’t read the comics, I am a huge fan of the figurines. My personal favorites are the blind box versions.

There are “Lil DC Bombshells” vinyl figurines, like the Catwoman pictured above and the Batgirl pictured below, that come in round tin cans. As far as I know, there are currently three series of them available. Unfortunately, the latest series includes Batman, Superman, and Joker. The fact that they have added men to the female-oriented line takes away from the awesomeness of the brand. There are thousands of other toys featuring the men but there isn’t a lot of merchandise featuring Black Canary, Zatanna, or Hawkgirl, to name a few.


In addition to the vinyl figures, you can also find DC Bombshell keychain blind boxes. (Sorry, they call them ‘backpack clips.’) I think there is, currently, only one season of these. They are basically smaller versions of the figures with a ball chain attached. I hope that, like the vinyl figures, they come out with more series of them. Just make sure you leave the boys behind.