A bit of an update

I am a terrible webmistress. I actually don't have a single thing to talk about. Currently, I'm watching Uta no Onii-san so a review on that should be coming sometime late this week or early next week. And I need to get my butt playing some games again. Somewhat unfortunately, my daughter's school 'project' has been eating up a lot of my spare time. The entire school has been assigned spend 1000 hours reading books. If they reach the 1000 hour benchmark, the principal will be made into a human sundae. If they go over the 1000 hours, a couple of the other teachers will join in on the mess. So, of course, my daughter has been spending loads of time trying to rack up as many hours as she possibly can. Luckily for me, the project ends on May 15. Maybe then I can get my free time back.