A busy week ahead of me

I had a rather busy weekend. My mother and I got certified for CPR and First Aid. We were there from 8:30AM until about 3:00PM. It was a very long class but now we are both certified in CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants. We're also certified in First Aid. So if someone breaks a leg, I can get them fixed up enough for the ambulance to cart them off. We also attended a fitness expo so I could take a look at some other types of group fitness class. My Zumba instructor training is this Thursday and I'd like to add a few more things to my repertoire. I picked up a card for a free week-long membership to one of the local gyms. My plan is to try a few of their group fitness classes to see if they are as good as they looked during the demonstrations.

And I finally dyed my hair last night. Since my hair is so short now, the grey is totally noticeable. I've been putting off dying it for weeks. With my bad luck, I'll need hair loss treatments from dying it too much! That's why I leave so much time in between dye jobs. I hope this color will stay in for a long time.