A new newsletter for TGW

The Geek Within has a newsletter over at Yahoo Groups but I am terrible at updating it. I was thinking about giving Zookoda a try. Supposedly they are aimed directly at bloggers, unlike Yahoo Groups which is better for discussion groups. However, my problem is that I just forget to write a news letter and I'm not particularly sure what I want to say when I do sit down to write it. I mean, all my content is on the website so I don't want to just copy/paste what I write here. That would be detrimental to the whole idea of driving traffic to the website. I suppose I don't really have anything to lose by giving Zookoda a try, right? At best, I love the service and everyone will know when to come back to the website to read new content. At worst, I hate it and delete my account. It does look like Zookoda is a part of PayPerPost, which is a service I like even though I haven't used it in a long time. From what I could tell, PPP had a good idea of what would help bloggers become successful businesspeople.

Here is the sign-up form for my subscription, though it will take me a little while to figure out how to put any content into the subscription. Be the first to sign-up and....see if I can figure this out....

Hopefully this will be a lot better than the Yahoo Groups. I think I can customize it to update by itself, which will be a LOT easier for me. I know I'll forget to do it if I have to manually update it. Cross your fingers for me!

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