Ah! The Projects!

6. Projects I'm In The Middle Of

I'd like to point out that I didn't create these prompts. Therefore, I am not the one ending a sentence (fragment) with a preposition. Onto the list!

I actually don't think I am in the middle of any project. I have a lot of promised projects that I haven't started yet. I have a lot of jewelry pieces that I haven't started. I'll talk about those instead....

1. I promised my daughter I'd make her a new Catbug plushie. (The face on the first one didn't turn out very pretty.) 2. I have probably a dozen pendants ready for me to make into necklaces that I just haven't made. 3. I'm trying to finish reading Paper Towns by John Green. 4. I need to figure out how to make a nice lightbox so I can take pictures of my jewelry pieces for my Etsy Shop. (The first one I made fell apart.) 5. I'm waiting on some supplies to arrive so I can make more chainmaille jewelry. (I'm making slave bracelets next.)

So, yeah. Once I start a project, I'm pretty good with following it through to the end. My big problem is starting. Procrastination and a packed schedule are my downfalls. I need more free hours in a day.