America's Most Smartest Model

I generally don't watch a lot of reality television. However, as I was flipping through the channels last night, I came across the absolute best title for a reality show: America's Most Smartest Model. After a quick look at the show description and seeing that it is co-hosted by Ben Stein, I decided that this was a show I had to watch even though it might make my brain explode. So I got all comfy and settled in for the 90 minute premiere episode on VH1. This is now my favorite reality show. (Sorry, Beauty and the Geek.) We are introduced to the hosts, Ben Stein and Mary Alice Stephenson, and the 14 models. Of course, the models are all very pretty but that is not why I am here. I want to hear them be stupid!

Somewhat surprisingly, there are some very smart contestants. Daniel is working on his doctorate in Psychology, Jeff was an electrical engineering major before he dropped out of college (while that doesn't sound good written down, the guy is rather smart), Australian!Rachel graduated college in 3 1/2 years with honors. To offset the smartness, there are contestants like Playboy model Mandy Lynn and American!Rachel.

The first challenge the contestants are dealt is a spelling bee. All of the words in the bee are fashion/model related. Easy words like 'blue appear in the first round but then the difficulty level hits the roof. Most of the models are eliminated in the second round. One of Mandy Lynn's words was 'collagen,' which she spells correctly before telling the camera that her lips are not collagen, they are silicone. Oh, Mandy Lynn, you are so the win. I believe it was Brett that won this round, giving him an "edge" for the next challenge.

For the second challenge, the models had to walk and talk. While walking the runway, they would be given a category (such as "Types of Trees") and they would have to name as many things in that category as they could. I thought that some of the categories were fairly difficult. I don't know that I could name a lot of Elements on the Periodic Table off the top of my head. Mandy Lynn, once again, won my heart and the title of Trailer Trash Princess by repeating the same four objects in her category "Things That Are Round." (For those that are curious, her list was 'balls, cherries, balloons, tires.') Daniel won this challenge and immunity from getting the big ol' boot.

I won't give away who got tossed out of the competition. Though I will tell you that it was not Mandy Lynn. By all accounts, it should have been Mandy Lynn. Ben Stein should have tattooed "Moron" on her forehead and kicked her out. However, he likes her big boobies and Mary Alice thinks she can fix Mandy Lynn. I don't have that much confidence in her. On one hand, she really does not belong in this competition. On the other hand, she is probably the most entertaining of them all. So rock on with your stupidity, Mandy Lynn. As society has proved, all you really need is a big set of knockers anyway, right?