America's Most Smartest Model - Episode 2

Oh, this is definitely my new crack. I wasn't planning on writing about this every week but the models are just begging me to make fun of them. So it looks like I have a new weekly feature on my hands. America's Most Smartest Model - When Will They Ditch Mandy Lynn? This week the models were put into boy/girl pairs. For their first challenge, the models had a Jeopardy!-inspired game show where they would win items for their second challenge, a photo shoot. No one knew who Jackie Kennedy's designer was and I think it was American!Rachel that thought that Napoleon's last name was 'Pierre.' Amazingly, it was Mandy Lynn who answered that question correctly. In the end, it was Pickle and Australian!Rachel that got the most stuff for their shoot. Poor Jesse, who keeps getting picked on for being heavier than the other models, and Erika got nothing more than some body paint and a bed.

For the second round, the teams got to use their l33t model skillz. The only things they could use were the things they won in the first round. If you didn't win any makeup, then you got no makeup. It definitely made things a little more interesting. There was a professional photographer there to help them and he helped Mary Alice choose the best picture from the lot. In my opinion, Jesse and Erika should have done more with their body paint. There are SO many things they could have done but they barely did anything. Needless to say, their picture ended up on the bottom of the pile. Despite a late-night blow-out, Andre and Lisa managed to wrangle their differences into an amazing picture. Alas, Mary Alice didn't like the "violence" portrayed in the picture, choosing Pickle and Australian!Rachel as the winners of the round.

While I won't tell you who got kicked off, I will let you know that, somehow, Mandy Lynn is still around. I think that Mary Alice, who seems to make most of the decisions about who gets to stay, knows that Mandy Lynn is the one bringing in the ratings. She's the reason people will watch. It's unfortunate because she doesn't BELONG on the show. Yes, she had big (probably fake) boobs but she is a total airhead. (In the knowledge round, she said that GOP stood for Governor of Presidents!) This is supposed to be about being smart and pretty. I hope that Mandy Lynn gets kicked off soon. I'll continue to watch after she's gone. Sadly, I think she'll make it way farther than she should. OK, she's already made it way farther than she should. Hopefully she'll get kicked off next week.