America's Most Smartest Model - Episode 4

This was our first episode without Mandy Lynn. Her amazing stupidity has been replaced by the cattiness that is typical of models. Andre seems to have toned himself down this week so overall, this episode wasn't nearly as entertaining as the previous ones. Bill Nye the Science Guy made a guest appearance for the intelligence part of the competition. The models divided up into pairs to make presentations on sciency things. American!Rachel is pretty much the idiot of the bunch now but she doesn't say nearly as many funny things as Mandy Lynn did. The science presentations were a big bust overall.

For the model part, the pairs had to give a pasty white geek a fake tan then take a picture with him/her. This is really where the cattiness came up. VJ was accused of trying to sabotage Jesse by being the focus of the picture. At the judging, Andre stood up for Jesse, which is completely out of character for Andre!

As expected, Jesse got the boot this week. Mary Alice has been harping on him being a fatty since the beginning of the show so it really was just a matter of time for him. I feel bad for him because he's smarter than some of the girls that are still on the show. If Mary Alice was going to harp on his weight the whole time, then he shouldn't have been on the show in the first place. It's physically impossible to "lose 5 pounds" overnight without some sort of surgery or pills.

I was very bored by this episode. I really hope that it gets good again.