America's Most Smartest Model - episode 5

Now we're starting to get down to the models who are actually pretty intelligent. Those that aren't are standing out like a sore thumb. I really can't wait until all we are left with are the smart models. I'm sure the challenges will get more difficult and I want to see how they measure up. The Edge Challenge this week was dissecting fetal pigs. I know a lot of people did this in high school. (Though I only did frogs, we never did the pigs.) The models were left with one anatomy book to study, which VJ ran off with. Everyone else was left with their encyclopedias and a bit of tutoring from animal-sciences-major Angela. Amazingly, a lot of the models did really well on this. Yes, there was a lot of complaining about having to do it in the first place but once they got working, they were really able to identify most of the organs. I was definitely surprised.

Of course, there had to be some drama about it, right? Both Lisa and the high school teacher, Mr. Morrison, thought that she had a female pig as neither of them could find any testicles. After the challenge was over and Lisa was given an A, Angela decided to take a quick look at the pig to see if it really was female. Well, Angela found testicles and she was quite prepared to leave it at that. Andre, who got a C on his dissection, had a problem with the mistake and called the teacher back in to point out the mistake. Due to the discovery, Lisa's grade was lowered to a C. I'm not really sure why the teacher didn't look for the ovaries to double-check that it was a female pig but since it was his mistake, I don't think her grade should have been lowered.

Next up was a commercial challenge. The models had to pimp a body wash product while taking a very cold shower. Daniel won the Edge Challenge so he got to shower with warm water and he got the script beforehand. Everyone else only had 20 minutes to learn the script before jumping in. Andre took the initiative and practiced talking in a cold shower. It didn't appear that anyone else was trying to make the commercial shoot a little bit easier on themselves.

When the models got to the set, they were told that they had to pick a competitor to choose their best video from the shoot. As everyone was waiting for the shoot to start, Daniel was practicing his lines with Lisa. VJ was standing nearby listening in an attempt to learn the lines before he got the script. Yay! More controversy! All of the models felt that VJ was cheating. When they brought it up to Mary Alice after the shoot, she commended VJ for "paying attention to his surroundings." As such, he won the challenge and the immunity.

Lisa and American!Rachel were up on the block this time around. Lisa flubbed the dissection whereas Rachel completely screwed up her commercial. For the first time ever, the two models were given a "Smart Off," which was basically a pop quiz. Ben asked them some questions and whoever answered the most correctly got to stay. In another surprising twist, it was Rachel that answered the most questions correctly. Maybe she isn't as stupid as she pretends to be. (Though I'm not holding my breath on that one.) Sadly, it was Lisa that had to leave last night. I will miss her.

Next week? Geometry!