America's Most Smartest Model - Episode 8

With last week's booting of Daniel, we are now left with Australian!Rachel, Pickle, Brett, Andre, VJ and Angela. This is where the competition should get pretty interesting since these people are all fairly intelligent as well as very pretty. And, well, VJ knows how to cheat a lot, which, according to Mary Alice, isn't cheating but good strategy. Oh, I'll talk about this in a bit. For the Edge Challenge this week, the models are once again put into teams of two. Our Fearsome Foursome Alliance paired up into teams of Pickle/Brett and Andre/Rachel. That left VJ with Angela. One person in the pair would have to answer as many trivia questions correctly in 60 seconds as they possibly can. The results will determine how fast the other person has to run on a treadmill. Pickle completely blanked on so many questions that Brett ended up having to run 9 miles an hour. If you couldn't tell, Brett couldn't take that and dropped out early in the competition. Angela and Rachel tied with 13 correct answers so VJ and Andre started out with 6 miles an hour. The boys stayed neck and neck even when Ben and Mary Alice raised the speed on the treadmills.

This is where VJ's cheating sets in and I have no clue why the judges let him get away with this. While Andre was running like a champ, VJ started holding onto the bars to put most of his weight on his arms. Considering this challenge was about endurance, in my opinion, this was completely and totally cheating. Andre tried to bring this to the attention of the judges but Ben Stein was too busy playing with his cell phone to take any notice. If VJ does win at the end of the series, it will be a direct result of things like this. Of course, it was VJ and Angela that won the Edge Challenge. Andre decided to try to save his strength for the Callback Challenge.

The Callback Challenge was a quick-change runway show. VJ and Angela would get to change in the dressing room closest to the runway and they had to choose one other model to join them. They picked Rachel. The rest of the boys would be farther from the runway so they would have to race back and forth to change into their different outfits. Each team had 15 minutes total with three different outfits. To make it a little more difficult, Andre, Pickle and Brett also had to run through an obstacle course for each change.

I think this is where we got to see Angela and VJ's true natures. They could see that Rachel was having some trouble with some of her outfits - her shoes were too big on the first outfit and her earrings fell out on the last - yet no one bothered to attempt to help her. Both of them were out for themselves and no one else. Meanwhile, Andre, Pickle and Brett decided to make this a team effort to make their runway show the best. They helped each other with difficult parts of their outfits and made sure that everyone made it through the obstacle course. So while Mary Alice didn't like the way these three walked down the runway, I felt that they made the better show since there were no gaps between models. There were gaps between models in the Angela/Rachel/VJ show. I'm really starting to think that Mary Alice isn't as much of an expert on this stuff as she thinks she is. However, after everyone was finished, it was Angela that won the Callback Challenge and I do agree with that result. Angela really did have the best showing of everyone there.

So this takes us to the Elimination. Angela was safe from elimination and Mary Alice decreed that Rachel was not in the bottom three either. The bottom three this week were Andre, Pickle and Brett. At this point, I was completely prepared for Brett to be kicked off. Out of these three, I really felt that he was the weakest model. To my surprise, it was Pickle that got the boot! I was just stunned. Pickle has pretty much been the sweetheart of the show. He's been in the top of almost every competition, he has the looks, he has the smarts and he's a nice guy. I really am sorry to see him go.

Oh, and at the Elimination? Mary Alice and Ben decided to totally throw the models under the bus and told VJ about the alliance between Pickle, Brett, Andre and Rachel. Now, we can see that the alliance failed this week. Why bother to tell VJ about it? There was nothing to accomplish there besides getting the models to argue with each other. I was very disappointed with Mary Alice this week. Maybe she should be thrown off the show. I'm sure that Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks could do a lot better. Hopefully Mary Alice will get her head out of her butt and pay attention to what is going on in front of her.