America's Most Smartest Model - Episode 9

The more I watch this show, the more I realize that it's not about being a SMART model. It's about being a sneaky, manipulative model. It annoys me. I liked the show better when it stuck to its premise. Last week we saw Pickle getting the big heave-ho. This put the model headcount at 5. For the Edge Challenge, the models are once again asked to break into pairs. But wait, it's an uneven number! So one model has to volunteer to get screwed and be alone. Brett steps up to that challenge. Rachel pairs off with Andre and VJ goes with Angela. Then it is revealed that the teams will need to build a go-kart. But wait, not all of the teams get to participate! Only the two fastest go-kart building teams, with correctly built karts, get to race. Angela, who claims to have spent her childhood fixing cars with her dad, and VJ finish their kart first. After having to make a few adjustments, Rachel and Andre finish second. Poor screwed over Brett gets nothing.

To win the Edge Challenge, the two racing teams must compete. Angela and VJ get the pole position since they won the first half of the challenge. But can they beat Rachel and Andre in racing? While Angela claims that she can build a car, she knows nothing about driving one. She takes the corners wide leaving the perfect opportunity for Rachel to grab the lead. As Angela tries to catch up to Rachel, she spins out. Of course, this annoys VJ. Then the boys jump into the karts for their laps. Andre sweeps the floor with VJ. The victory and the Edge goes to Rachel and Andre.

When the models get back to the house, they find a note for them. They are to decide who they think should be eliminated. If the person they pick does not win the Callback Challenge, they are automatically eliminated. Since the Alliance is still in place, VJ's name goes into the envelope.

The Callback Challenge this week is to be a spokesperson for a Jaguar. Rachel and Andre get the specs on the car so they'll know what they are talking about. Sneaky, manipulative VJ calls his friend to gather all the info he can on the car. Despite being filmed doing this, there is nothing from the producers or judges about this. I guess the "edge" is only an edge as long as your competitors decide to play by the rules of the game. Cheating is A-OK here! It's even encouraged!

Arriving at the Jaguar headquarters, the models are given some basic information on the car they will be talking about. Then the models are sent out one by one to give a presentation with what they have learned. However, most of the models have a problem with the rotating stage. VJ, in a surprisingly non-cheating move, simply steps off the rotating part. Angela moves so that she is always at the front of the stage. Rachel, Brett and Andre all blew their speeches. Brett actually dropped the f-bomb in front of the audience. When it came down to announcing the winner, Mary Alice declares that it's a tie and BOTH VJ and Angela win the Callback Challenge.

Wait, what? Let me say this again: BOTH VJ and Angela WON the Callback Challenge. We're down to the last five models on the show and they are going to take two of the models out of the elimination? That's a little ridiculous. On top of that, Mary Alice sends a bottle of champagne to VJ and Angela. No, that's not showing favor there at all. At this point, I would really like Mary Alice to be thrown off the show.

At the elimination, Andre, Rachel and Brett are on the line. Mary Alice was SURPRISED that VJ's name was in the envelope but since he can't be eliminated, that doesn't really matter. I'm not really sure why she was surprised. I'm thinking that she's not really paying any attention to the actual competition. She's just picking who she happens to like the best. In the end, Rachel is the first one thrown out. Yes, I said FIRST one thrown out. In a somewhat surprising move, Mary Alice tosses Brett out too. The only reason it's not completely surprising is because I now hate Mary Alice and think that she taught VJ how to be a sneaky bastard.

Next week is the finale episode. We're left with Andre, VJ and Angela. I have this sickening feeling that VJ will win. I would like Andre to win just because VJ is a slimeball and Angela is annoying. However, I don't think Mary Alice will let that happen. She might let Angela win but I think it'll be her personal favorite, VJ, that will take the crown. It's too bad he's such a douche.