I don't think I talked about our new dog. We recently rescued a long-haired dachshund from one of the local shelters. Her name is Tilly and she is the sweetest thing. She follows me everywhere. Unfortunately, her previous owner didn't care for her very well so almost all of her teeth were pulled. That doesn't make her any more lovable though. Her favorite thing is curling up with me on the couch. What other animals do I have? Two dogs: a female sheltie/pomeranian mix named Bella and a female Shiba Inu named Yumi. One cat: a calico named Isis. (Her brother, a black and white named Therin, passed away earlier this year.) Two chinchillas named Orihime and Rukia (note to self: see if industrial bearings will fit in chinchilla wheel. The squeaking is annoying.) And one bird: a green cheek conure named Mochi.

Yes, we have a lot of animals in our house. But they are all well-loved and spoiled to death. Luckily, we can't fit any more in the house!