Back to school?

Every couple of months, I ponder going to back to school. I finished two years of college but never got my degree. My big problem is that I have no idea what to major in. Thanks to being an adult and working full time, I couldn't go to a traditional school. However, online schools like usually only offer business courses. BORING. I'd like to get a kinesiology degree (that would for fitness professionals) but looking at Walden University's online degree programs, it's not an option. I understand that it might be impossible to take some of those classes online. There's no reason an anatomy class can't be online. Not to mention all of the 'basic' courses one has to take to graduate college.

Though...if I'm going to start my own business, it might be good to have a boring business degree. I'm going to try to learn about Walden and see how long it would take me to finish their business program. Or at least see if it would be worthwhile. I might not even need a degree.

Has anyone out there attended Walden? What were your opinions on it?