Bionic Woman

For the past couple of days, my husband and I have been catching up on the new Bionic Woman episodes on the official website. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it. I actually thought that Katee Sackhoff's character would just be a throw-away for the first episode. On the contrary, her character is rather important. I can't say I was a huge fan of the original series. I caught a few episodes in reruns but it wasn't anything spectacular for me. Maybe it's because the main character was a hot blonde chick which, even as a kid, I knew was unattainable for me. (On the other hand, I totally believed that I could be the beautiful brunette Wonder Woman when I grew up.) So, on a personal level, I feel a bit more in touch with the new Jaime Sommers. She works as a bartender, she's taking care of her little sister, she's smart and beautiful and normal. She could easily be your next door neighbor and you would never know it.

The bionics are a bit more believable too. While in 1976, Jaime got her implants after a sky-diving accident, new~Jaime got her implants after a car accident. Not only are the circumstances based more in reality, the show has also gotten rid of the trademark "Jaime is using her bionics" sound. I did miss that a little at first but after awhile, you realize how ridiculous it would have sounded if they kept the sound effect.

About the storyline. It isn't too horribly bad. I've watched the first three episodes so I'm not terribly far through the series but it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. There are some things that I think the organization/Jonas would do differently but it's possible that there are things that will be revealed later on that will explain some of his decisions. I like how they are handling a lot of the female characters. Especially Sarah, Jaime and Becca. I kinda wish they would throw Ruth out a window and forget she ever existed but I suppose she has an overall purpose in the organization.

I really think people wrote this off before ever watching an episode. They figured it would be a terrible remake of a cheesy 70s show. I really hope that the show doesn't prove me wrong by turning awful for the rest of the series.