iPhone app

Sometimes my sister is totally hysterical. She found out that has an iPhone app. I was over her house Thursday night (getting ready for Zumba) and she was using the barcode scanner to scan everything in her house. See, you can point the iPhone camera at an item's barcode to scan it. Then the app finds the item on so you can get reviews and deals on stuff. I have to admit that it was pretty awesome. I took a few minutes to play with it myself. It was super easy to use. Just scan, type or even speak what you are looking for and *boom* there it is. I know that sounds dumb but so many apps take forever to do a simple search. We went through a good portion of my sister's house in less than a half hour. (She has a lot of stuff so that says a lot.) I'm just amazed at how fun it was. Stuff like this shouldn't be fun. It should be boring and informative. This makes me want to run out and buy an iPhone. I wonder if there is a Android version available that I could use on my Epic.

Speaking of apps for my Epic, should I start reviewing phone apps? No one in my house has an iPhone but my mother, my sister, and my stepfather do. I'm sure I could get them to tell me about their favorites. Maybe this will be a new feature!