Car insurance

My husband and I went shopping for a new (used) car this morning. Our current car is having some problems and we can't afford to keep throwing money into it. Of course, car shopping means shopping for car insurance too. Right now, our car insurance and home insurance are with the same company. Sadly, I don't pay too much attention to them. I just leave it up to my husband. I am always telling him that we should compare car insurance every few months to make sure we're getting the best deal we can. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for insurance, right? As far as I know, we're getting a really good deal on our car insurance. Buying a new car will make our rates go up a bit since the car will have to be financed. That's the part that always hurts. We own the current, dying car outright so we pretty much have the absolute minimum required by the state. Having a car that is financed means that we're going to need collision and all that fun stuff. Since we're not planning on keeping the current car, we won't even get the multiple car discount. Hopefully our rates won't go up too much.

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