Favorite Friday - May 23

I am trying to bring back the Favorite Friday feature. There are a LOT of YouTube channels that I follow and I would love to share them with you. Mental Floss is one of my favorites. Usually hosted by John Green, the channel does trivia lists about everything and anything. This week's list was 47 Charming Things About Children's Books (though most of the facts were about the authors and not the books themselves). Enjoy!

Favorite Friday

As you read this, I am on my way to New York City to see the new Disney Broadway play, Aladdin. My daughter, my aunt, and I will be spending three days roaming around the city. While I won't be blogging over the weekend, there will probably be some new photos on my Instagram account and I will be posting about our travels next week. Until then, enjoy this preview of the show.

Favorite Friday

Because this week has been absolutely insane, I am going to give you some Favorite Friday videos today. This is a band that actually really exists. For reals. You will wonder when I went insane then you will fall madly in love with them. Today I give you - BABYMETAL

And, as a bonus, here is a recent Fine Brothers production - YouTubers react to BABYMETAL

Favorite Friday!

I really wanted to share this video but I kept forgetting to post it from home. (Still no YouTube at work. So sad.) This is an episode from Tabletop, Wil Wheaton's show on Felicia Day's YouTube channel. This is probably my favorite episode. Enjoy!

Favorite Friday

Because I am in a bit of a silly mood and I am very happy that it is Friday, I am giving you a silly video today. It could probably use a bit of background though. Gackt appeared on Arashi's television show as a "older brother." His job was to give the boys some sort of advice on life. Gackt, being Gackt, decided to teach them how to woo a woman. In this particular segment, he was telling them to eat very spicy food...you'll see why at the end. Imagine that the Arashi boys are supposed to be women out on a date with Gackt.

*giggle* I wonder if any of the boys needed some sort of discount dental supplies to help them keep their mouths in tact after eating the spicy food. Gackt likes his food super spicy so I can only imagine the face-melting feeling they got!