Cell Phones vs Landlines

An interesting problem has popped up in my area of the world. Many people have ditched their landlines in favor of solely using their cell phones. We do this at my house. Each of us has a cell phone so we got rid of the unnecessary landline. Recently, a woman woke up and found her house was on fire. She called 9-1-1 and accidentally gave them the wrong address. (She gave them her previous address.) It took the firefighters seven minutes to find the correct house. The woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning a short time later. If she had called on a landline, her address would have popped up on the dispatcher's screen. However, she called on a cell phone so they didn't have an address beyond the one she gave. It hampered the emergency medical assistance personnel from saving her life. Of course, the emergency people recommend having a landline for these situations. I think it might be better if their system could be updated with addresses attached to cell phone numbers. No one is going to pay for a phone line just in case of an emergency. Even if they did, most people would just reach for their cell phone anyway.