Coraline 3D

Coraline is the fairy tale story of a girl who is so utterly bored with her normal life that she retreats into a secret world where all of her fantastic dreams come true. Coraline, the main character of the story, and her parents move into the Pink Palace Apartments. Both of her parents work from home and, therefore, spend a lot of time ignoring Coraline. Her father's brilliant idea of keeping busy during a particularly rainy day (when her mother wouldn't let her go outside because of mud) was to count the number of windows in the house or count the number of doors. As Coraline goes about the excruciating task of counting thing, she comes upon a very small locked door. With only a few questions, she manages to get her mother to open the door for her. Unfortunately, all that was behind the door was a brick wall. Or was there? After Coraline falls asleep that night, a group of mice lead her back to the door where it opens into a brilliant world.

My husband and I took our daughter to see the 3D version of the movie on Sunday. Let me say that I really enjoy the 'new' 3D technology as compared to the campy 80s 3D that just made random things jump out at you. This technology gives an amazing depth to the visuals. It's somewhat difficult to explain. You just need to experience it.

I found the movie to be very fun. Yes, there are some slightly scary parts that may scare small children but my almost-7-year-old was fine. Other than that, it should be an enjoyable time for the whole family.