Digital Picture Frames

I'm thinking about buying a digital picture frame for my mother for Christmas this year. Since all of our pictures of my daughter are digital, it's annoying trying to make physical copies of them so she can "have a picture of my granddaughter." A digital photo frame would be the perfect solution. I can just upload the newest pictures to her frame and she can keep it on her desk at work so everyone in the office can take a look whenever they want. I think the 7" clear and white acrylic frame would be the best choice for her. It's big enough that she can see the pictures while still being small enough to not take up a ton of space on her desk. And it even has a remote control so she can flip through the pictures instead of simply waiting for the rotation feature. (Yeah, Grandmothers can be impatient when showing off pictures of their grandkids.) Hopefully it will make everyone happy.