Dream Day Honeymoon

I enjoy playing hidden object games. Tonight I gave Dream Day Honeymoon from Big Fish Games a try. This is a sequel to Dream Day Wedding. In the wedding version, you are helping Jenny get ready for her big day. The game mixes the traditional hidden object "find these things in this picture" game with a little bit of Memory and a little bit of Choose Your Own Adventure. The honeymoon version of the game is basically the exact same game, only you are helping Jenny with her honeymoon instead of her wedding. It's still a fun game and I really enjoyed it. The Memory and Choose Your Own Adventure mini-games change the game up a little bit. I've found that a lot of hidden object games tend to get boring after the first few levels. The scenes don't change a whole lot, just the list changes. So after the first few levels, it gets easier to find things instead of harder. Dream Day keeps you on your toes by tossing the mini-games in every couple of levels.

If you enjoy hidden object games, I think you'd really enjoy both Dream Day Wedding and Dream Day Honeymoon.