Entertainment news from Japan

Actress Miyazaki Aoi (Hachi in the first live action NANA movie) married actor Takaoka Sousuke (Shinobu in Tokyo Love Cinema) on July 25 at a shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Only close family members attended the small ceremony. Yesterday, actress Matsushima Nanako (Domyouji Tsubaki in Hana Yori Dango) revealed that she is currently pregnant with her second child. She is married to her GTO co-star Sorimachi Takashi. Their first child was born in 2004.

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi recently announced the end of her romantic relationship with TOKIO vocalist Nagase Tomoya. While no specific reason was given for the break-up, rumors are definitely flying. One rumor claims Ayumi had an abortion; another claims their egos got in the way; while yet another blames Ayumi's dogs. I doubt the public will ever find out why the 7-year relationship ended.