Favorite Friday

Because I am in a bit of a silly mood and I am very happy that it is Friday, I am giving you a silly video today. It could probably use a bit of background though. Gackt appeared on Arashi's television show as a "older brother." His job was to give the boys some sort of advice on life. Gackt, being Gackt, decided to teach them how to woo a woman. In this particular segment, he was telling them to eat very spicy food...you'll see why at the end. Imagine that the Arashi boys are supposed to be women out on a date with Gackt.

*giggle* I wonder if any of the boys needed some sort of discount dental supplies to help them keep their mouths in tact after eating the spicy food. Gackt likes his food super spicy so I can only imagine the face-melting feeling they got!