Favorite Tools

4. Favorite Tools To Create With

Ah, finally! A topic a little more up my alley!

I create a lot of things. As a result, I have a lot of tools. My very favorite is my needle and thread. I am not the best seamstress and a lot of my sewing creations are sewn by hand but I really do enjoy sewing. (Well, OK, a lot of times I don't love the sewing while I'm doing it. Mostly because I end up stabbing myself a lot. I love the end results though.)

As weird as this sounds, I also love my glue. I actually have a bunch of different types of glue. Regular ol' white Elmers, a heavier crafting glue, some no-name glue sticks. But my very favorite glue is the E6000. It's an industrial strength adhesive that I use when I make earrings or need to glue a hook to a pendant. I recently used it to fix some masks for my daughter's dance studio. They aren't coming apart any time soon!

Finally, I love my jumpring tool. It's a ring with little slots. When you want to open a jumpring, you slide it into the appropriate slot then twist the jumpring a little with your pliers. So instead of needing two pairs of pliers to open them, you only need one and a finger. I find it easier to use since I can put the ring on my pointer finger and still hold the jumpring a little with the rest of my hand.

Don't get me wrong. I love crafting tons of things. These are only my very favorite tools. I do still enjoy my beads and my paint and all of my other tools. These are the ones I really love.