Fight the flu

flulozenge Well, we've now reached the crazy busy time of the year. Of course, that means that both I and my husband have been getting run down, which means at least one of us is likely to get sick. My husband was feeling a bit out of it last week so he took these flu cure lozenges. He said they tasted like berry. Big surprise, they're elderberry flavored. I've never tried elderberries so I don't know how they taste compared to a blackberry or something. (I'm assuming they taste similar.)

Did it help him? He did say it made his sore throat go away and he did stop complaining all the time. That right there is a sign that they at least helped a little bit. I'm not sure if the flu cure lozenges would work for my daughter, but I think we'll give them a try the next time she starts getting sick. Nip that illness right in the bud!

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