Friday Video

I don't really want to call this a Favorite Friday. As most of you probably know by now, Japan has been hit by a major earthquake and a resulting tsunami. There has been tons of damage and hundreds of people (so far) have died. This hangs very heavy on my heart. I hope that all of your loved ones in Japan are doing OK. Hawaii, where my mother's side of the family is from, seems to have missed getting hit very badly. (Original reports said the tsunami wave was taller than most of the Hawaiian islands.) In about an hour, the wave should be hitting the west coast of the United States. I will keep you in my thoughts. So, in order to stay calm, I am giving you a video on how to draw a weeping willow tree in watercolor. They are such beautiful trees that, due to their soft wood, bend with the bad weather instead of snapping. Be like the willow.