Game review: Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

My daughter really enjoyed playing the Big City Adventure: San Francisco hidden object game with me. So I decided to give the Sydney, Australia version a try. I did play this with my daughter as well. The game takes you around the main tourist attractions of Sydney to find a variety of objects. Just before each level, there is a tidbit of information about the location so there's a bit of educational value tossed in with the entertainment. When you complete a location, you are rewarded with a token in the shape of something related to that location. For example, you might get a koala-shaped token from the zoo.

My daughter and I enjoyed this version of the game as much as the San Francisco version. Most of the words are easy enough for a young child to read them without much help and most of the objects are fairly easy to find as well. This is definitely a game that an adult could play with a child while still enjoying the game. Both will be able to participate so it won't turn into an instance where the adult does all the work and the child just watches. The game is still fun if you play it by yourself, especially if you are interested in Australian attractions.