Game review: Can You See What I See?

As geeky parents, our kids often see us doing geeky things like playing video games. Many times, the kids want to play too but, a lot of the time, the games are just too difficult to the child to do anything besides watch. Can You See What I See? is different. The premise of the game is that you are helping run a collectible store. It is your job to fill each customer's order. Each location is broken into four areas. You click between the four corners in order to find all of the objects on the list. While the areas are generally pretty cluttered, the list of objects is fairly easy to read. So, at worst, the child can pick which area to look in and probably read the list to you. And, chances are, they can probably find the objects faster than you can!

My daughter absolutely loves this game. I think that she kind of likes being able to find the objects faster than I can. She still needs my help once in awhile but, for the most part, I'm just there to tell her that she's doing well. That's OK. There are still a lot of games where I can find things faster than she can. Can You See is still a nice game that we can play "together."